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The Return of the Butler’s Pantry

A growing number of families are beginning to request a butler’s pantry as they design or renovate their homes.

But what exactly is a butler’s pantry? Well, it’s a nook-style secondary kitchen that was popularized in Victorian England, brought to Colonial America and is now having a resurgence in modern floor plans.

If you’re thinking of modernizing this antique feature for your home, you may want a couple of questions answered first:

What should you store in a butler’s pantry?
Original butler’s pantries housed expensive silverware or china dishes. The butler often protected these items by sleeping in the pantry, hence the name.

Today, butler’s pantries have mixed uses. You might prefer to designate yours for specialty services, like an at-home espresso bar.

Or, like many, you could simply use this space for its original purpose: as an additional place to store prized kitchenware, prepare meals before bringing them to the dining area and stage food for presentation.

What features should be included in a modern butler’s pantry?
Think of the butler’s pantry as an extension of your kitchen. The resources you need for a fully functioning kitchen — counter space, cabinets, power outlets, a sink — should be present and easy to access in your butler’s pantry.

While there’s no longer a butler guarding the space, these secondary kitchens remain a favorite space to store prized dinnerware. You may choose to have open or glass cabinets that showcase your fanciest dinner plates, glasses and china.

Could a butler’s pantry be a fitting addition to your kitchen? Reach out today for a referral to a local contractor.


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