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Survive the Chaos of Your Next Remodel


A home renovation project can disrupt the flow of your everyday life. Instead of peace and quiet, there are builders and machinery coming in and out of your home and causing a massive amount of dust.

So how do you handle it? Two words: patience and communication.

While you look forward to the beauty and modernity of your finished project, these are some of the easiest ways to make your time during an in-home renovation less chaotic:

Problem: A Lack of Privacy and Relaxation
Solution: Cordon off sections of your home for continued privacy. Remove your belongings from areas under construction, so that nothing goes missing or gets destroyed. Find spaces that still feel private and bring in everything you’ll need to make it to your reveal day.

Problem: Dust and Dirt Everywhere
Solution: Affix plastic sheeting over doorways that connect work areas to the rest of your house. Cover furniture in adjacent rooms with plastic covers too. Talk to your contractor about other ways to minimize the spread of dust, including shoe covers or fans to the outside.

Problem: Renovations Seem Never-Ending
Solution: If you want builders to wrap up quickly, prepare for their arrival. Move anything out of the way that may cause them to slow down. Provide clear instructions about everything you expect done. The better prepared you are, the faster they’ll finish the job.

Problem: A Lack of Storage
Solution: Plan where to store belongings during the renovation ahead of time. If it’s a small project, storing belongings in boxes in a spare closet may suffice. Larger projects may require a temperature-controlled storage unit.

Thinking of renovating part of your home soon? Get in touch for builder and contractor referrals.

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