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Santa Fe Real Estate- The Right dog with the perfect home.

Buying a new home can mean adding the perfect pup to your life.  That can mean owning a dog for the first time.  There are several breads of dogs that are recommended for a first time home buyer.

  • Labrador retriever. There’s a reason these dogs are among the most popular breeds in the country. Known to be loyal, intelligent, obedient, and easy to train, they are deservedly a top choice, especially if you have, or plan to have children.
  • German short-haired pointer. These favorites are also low maintenance dogs that are easy to train. However, they’re also very active and require a lot of exercise to stay healthy, so they’re a good choice for active owners.
  • Brittany spaniel. These loyal, intelligent pups are popular favorites among first-time pet owners because they’re loving, obedient, and great around children.
  • Vizslas. Originally a Hungarian sporting dog, Vizslas are great exercise companions who are affectionate, friendly, and easy to train—and they don’t shed much.
  • Boston terrier. If you’re a couch potato, a Boston terrier may suit you well. These pups are friendly and loyal. They don’t require a lot of exercise, and they won’t shed much on your couch.
  • Australian cattle dog. If you’re into cuddling, this breed will greet you with open arms at the end of a long day. They’re a wonderful first dog, easy to train, although they do enjoy regular exercise and require regular grooming.
  • German Pinscher. These dogs are active but very obedient, and are especially adorable as puppies. They rarely shed and training them is usually easy and fun.
  • Bichon. These fluffy, adorable little dogs of the Bichon type are one of the most loving and sociable breeds. They may take a little more time to train, but their cheerful demeanor will turn first-time pet owners into dog owners for life.

Santa Fe has so many wonderful activities to go along with your four legged friend.

Hiking trails galore check out this link for the most dog friendly hikes.

Restaurants in Santa fe (when we are not in the middle of a pandemic) also welcome your furry friend. Check out this link for wonderful places to bring your pup to dine.

There are several dog parks across Santa Fe that are perfect for socializing for you and your pet while still being socially distant.

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