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Santa Fe Real Estate- Aging in place

Santa Fe has always been a place that many chose to spend their time once they have reached retirement.  It is a beautiful location to live in along with having a small town feel without having to be far from important necessities.  Our city boasts a vibrant culture that truly incorporates many different cultures.

According to Winona Dimeo-Ediger, living in Santa fe is part of living the dream.  Retirement here offers many opportunity and a sense of community even if you have lived some place other then Santa fe your whole life.  She wrote about the most surprising thing about Santa Fe:

How very, very smart the people are. If you go to a restaurant, the folks at the next table will be having the most interesting conversation you’ve ever heard. Everybody here is approachable. Everybody. A boorish snob wouldn’t last long in Santa Fe. You know who you are. (Living the Dream: I Retired to Santa Fe byWinona Dimeo-Ediger) Full Article

There are some challenges however when looking at retiring and one can be finding a home that will allow you to age in place.  There are several things to look for that will make aging in place easier such as, limiting stairs, making sure the location is easily accessible.

If you already own a home in Santa Fe here is a list of things that can help you age in place.

Fix walkways. This is the time to repair cracked or uneven areas of the walkway that could prove hazardous.

Improve lighting. Install point lighting at the front door and motion-sensor lights focused on the stairwell to make entering the home and climbing the stairs safer.

Add railings. Speaking of stairs, if you do have them, adding another railing on the wall side will make climbing much easier as you age.

Safety-proof the kitchen. Switch to appliances with easy-to-read controls and simple-to-push button interfaces. Installing Lazy Susans or roll-out shelving in pantries and cabinets will make it easier to access foodstuffs, dishes, pot, pans and more.

Guard against slips and falls in the bath. Add non-slip flooring and a securely attached grab bar to the shower. Consider building in a permanent bench or purchase a sturdy shower chair. Install a hand-held, adjustable height shower head with a hose to help direct the water.

Security and home automation. In addition to a home security system, look into systems that automate light control, entertainment and more.

Know how to get help. Do an online search now to become acquainted with available senior resources—such as transportation, meal delivery or personal care service—provided by local agencies, senior centers and state offices.

Sometimes the best option is to move to a home that has the same charm but may be a better fit for aging.

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