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Santa Fe homes- Adobe construction

Santa Fe has very unique features that bring people back again and again to visit.  One of the most unique features in all of New Mexico are our beautiful buildings constructed out of Adobe block.

Adobe is gaining traction in becoming a popular building practice again as it is environmentally friendly.  It also is a long lasting material that can withstand 100’s of years of wear and tear when done correctly.

  • Sand and clay are mixed with water.
  • Straw or grass (and sometimes manure) is usually added. This helps the mud shrink into uniform brick shapes as it dries.
  • The mud mixture is put into wooden forms and leveled by hand. You can make them any size or shape you want, but they should be easy to move by hand.
  • The bricks are removed from the forms and laid onto a surface in the sun that’s covered with straw or grass.
  • After they have dried for a few days, the bricks are set on their edges for at least four weeks of air-drying.(How adobe construction works by Linda C. Benson-

Not all climates are appropriate for adobe construction, however Santa Fe is perfect for this unique building type.

Check out this video for a closer look!

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