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Landscaping for Allure and Privacy

When done right, landscaping provides a natural, effortless beauty to your home.

But you might find yourself caught between the dueling needs for both privacy and aesthetics when it comes to landscaping. How do you achieve that sense of seclusion while also maintaining an alluring yard?

These smart landscaping tips will help make your home shine while preserving privacy:

  1. Hedges
    You can plant hedges by themselves or in coordination with a fence. Though they need regular trimming to stay neat, they’re versatile because they come in several different shapes and sizes. Some homeowners even use hedges as a wind or sound break around their property.They’re ideal for lining the perimeter of your yard to keep it private. And holly hedges have firm, spiky leaves that can deter trespassing.
  2. Shrubs
    Shrubs are ideal for front and side yards, and they can provide partial window coverage for privacy purposes while still letting in natural light. They’re also varied in both shape and color and can be trimmed into various forms. A mix of evergreen and flowering shrubs can provide concealment while adding beauty to the side or back of your property.
  3. Retaining Walls
    Retaining walls are a man-made option that can add depth to your landscaping and help prevent soil erosion. They can help keep strangers off your lawn and can be made of brick or stone to match your home’s exterior. Combined with a raised bed or tall ornamental grasses, retaining walls frame your yard and add visual interest.

All three of these landscaping options are great for blocking off smaller areas as well, like an outdoor seating area, fire pit or butterfly garden.

Are you thinking of updating the landscaping around your home? Reach out if you need a local landscaper recommendation.

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