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    How to Make Renters Feel at Home


    Have you ever experienced the frustration of being unable to find a trash can in an unfamiliar place? Or had a hard time finding more towels in the guest bathroom?

    As a short-term rental owner, anticipating the needs of guests can make or break your reviews — and determine the type of renters you’ll attract.

    There are some often overlooked items that you should provide for your guests. These things will improve your property and leave a long trail of happy renters:

    • Wi-Fi Information
      You’d be surprised how many hosts make guests work to figure out the Wi-Fi network and password. Assume that this information is the very first need guests will have, and put it front and center.
    • Trash Cans
      A large bin with a trash bag should be provided in the kitchen. Smaller ones should be present in every bathroom, and possibly even in bedrooms and on balconies.
    • Lamps
      Provide task lighting instead of making guests depend on glaring overhead lights. Lamps give a room the feel of natural, ambient light that will make their stay much more relaxing.
    • Storage
      Guests who stay in your property for more than a day or two will need a dresser in the bedroom and hangers in the closet for clothing. And don’t forget cabinet space in the kitchen for any food.
    • Cooking Basics
      Prepare a meal in your rental. Will your guests have everything they need to cook (and eat) a basic meal? Include utensils, cookware and a coffee maker in the kitchen. Consider purchasing a few essential spices and food storage containers to help guests feel more at home.
    • Cleaning Supplies
      Dish soap, disinfecting wipes, a broom, paper towels and other basic cleaning materials are necessary. You should make it easy for guests to clean up after themselves.

    Now that you’re ready to fully furnish a rental property, reach out to begin looking for the perfect space.

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