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5 Value-Boosting Home Renovations

More and more people are renovating their homes these days.

If you’re one of them, why not choose projects that’ll make you happy and make you money?

You may know that there are home improvement projects that will add value to your home, which means your work might pay for itself. But do you know which updates fall into that category?

If you want to make updates worth your while, consider these five renovations:

  • Give Your Kitchen a Makeover
    Adding new cabinets and countertops, refreshing the paint colors and even redesigning the layout of your kitchen can make it more modern, functional and appealing.To get the most out of your investment, install new energy-efficient appliances. A major remodel like this might yield up to a whopping 62.1% recouped value.
  • Try a Facelift for the Garage
    Replacing your garage door is a simple enough project. And a new steel, wood composite or aluminum garage door with glazing and insulation could give a boost to your property’s overall worth.In fact, this could lead to as much as a 97.5% ROI.
  • Say No to Boring Bathrooms
    Not keen on constructing an additional bathroom? Maybe all you need is an updated layout. Adding modern tile, replacing light fixtures or putting in a contemporary cabinet and sink can all increase your home’s value.Though, if you do go for the bathroom addition, it could net a cool 60.6% in the cost recovered. But don’t go overboard — midrange remodels add more value than major ones.
  • Change Up Your Windows
    Replace older windows with styles boasting state-of-the-art features like energy efficiency and easy-to-clean designs.Wood and vinyl both look good and tend to offer excellent returns. New vinyl windows may provide a total value-add of 73.4% to your costs.
  • Make a Bigger Footprint
    Interested in the indoor-outdoor trend? Add a composite or wooden deck, but make sure it’s the right size for your home and yard.You’ll have more space on your property to enjoy, and you’ll have made a great investment. Building a composite deck could recoup up to 69.1% of the cost.

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